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The new playground has been installed! Thanks to everyone for your help.
If you would like to contribute to the fund further upgrades to the park, please call 824-3356
or email the town park.

Please see this link for information regarding the FEMA buyout of flooded properties from Tropical Storm Irene. The full After The Flood Summary Report can be found at this link.


Welcome to the Town of Londonderry’s website…

We will be updating this site on a regular basis and hope you will visit often to know about the happenings in Londonderry.

Please contact your webmaster or the town office with information and suggestions. Enjoy…


The Select Board would like to thank Andy Chaves of Chaves Excavating, Danny Cobb, and Steve Prouty for their help as we coped with our disabled road grader. Each spent considerable time and effort in providing assistance in the process of getting the grader back to the town garage. Additionally, we thank the Town of Winhall for loaning us their grader so that we could “wing back” the snow along our roads.

We would also like to commend our road crew, Duane Hart, foreman, Donny LaFogg, and Nick Doane for their efforts in keeping our roads plowed, salted and sanded under trying conditions during the many storms of the last few months. They have worked many long hours in the trucks and keeping our equipment operating. THANKS for a job well done!


As my dog and I took our afternoon walk, I couldn’t help but reflect on our just completed 2015 town meeting. I am taking the liberty of writing a short editorial as I think about the talents and dedication of the many townspeople that assembled today. We need to thank the members, past and present, of our fire departments, rescue squad, town boards, committees, and commissions for their unselfish willingness to serve. We also thank our elected officials, town employees, trustees, appointees and volunteers who give so much. Thanks also to our many town organizations and our churches for their service. Kudos to any others that I may have neglected to list who step up and put forth a helping hand. What a great town….what great people!                                               Paul Gordon, webmaster

 Winhall Hollow Road Paving Bids

The Winhall Hollow Road repaving contract has been awarded to Fuller Sand and Gravel at a bid price of $60.00/ton, for a total price of $325,260.

   Community Calendar

See the left sidebar for a link to the newly initiated Community Calendar.  In addition to showing meetings and events related to town government, the calendar is intended to help inform the public of community meetings and events being held by other organizations and nonprofits as well.  We hope that the calendar will help to preclude scheduling conflicts between events and meetings.  If you are an organization, nonprofit, church, or other entity planning an event open to the public, contact the Town Clerk’s Office at 802-824-3356 or londontown@vermontel.net to put an event on the Community Calendar.


Click Here to see the latest news and happenings in the February 2015 edition of the Londonderry Monthly. Links to earlier editions of the Londonderry Monthly can be found on this site by choosing the TOWN menu and then selecting NEWSLETTER.


Effective January 1, 2015.  Transfer Station and Recycling Center Hours:
Mon., Tue., Thur., Fri., Sat. 9 am to 4 pm
Pilot program – Sun. 10 am to 2 pm

COMPOSTING – See our new composting page and links to information about food scrap pails and what to compost by clicking here. Please click here for an informational postcard and here for Vermont’s Guide to Composting Kitchen Scraps.


May 16, 2015, 9 am to 1 pm, Londonderry Transfer Station. See flier here.

VERMONT SOLID WASTE BILL, Act 148 See the Act 148 Fact Sheet . Get more infomation here and here. Countertop pails are available for kitchen use. See flyer here.

The Londonderry Group has switched to Dual Stream Recycling. Dual Stream Info for details. See an informational video on the Recycling/Transfer page of this site.

Last updated March 3, 2015