Transfer Station

Transfer Station and Recycling Center Hours:
Mon., Tue., Thur., Fri., Sat. 9 am to 4 pm
Sunday 10 am to 2 pm


Please click here for the searchable A-Z list (updated 4-8-16) to assist you in determining recycling guidelines. Later, you will be able to navigate this list by letter and all the links will be active to provide additional information. Please see the Disposal Bans poster below for a pictorial guide.


Beginning January 1, 2016 all primary batteries (AA, AAA, C, D, etc) can be recycled with your rechargeable batteries for free.  The Londonderry SW Group highly recommends taping or bagging all 9V batteries regardless of what the poster says. Click here for more information and a flyer.

 By state law as of JULY 1, 2015



The following MIXED PAPER items can be recycled in ONE CONTAINER and DO NOT have to be separated from each other

Accepted Mixed Paper: Office Paper, Computer Paper, Fax Paper, Telephone Books, Soft Cover Books, Posters, Magazines, White and Colored Paper, Manila Folders, Envelopes, Junk Mail, Chipboard (Cereal Boxes/Gift Boxes), Egg Cartons, Brown Paper Bags, Hardcover Books (remove covers), and School Paper

NOTACCEPTED: Waxed paper, cereal box inserts, napkins, used paper plates, paper towels, wrapping paper

Please do not put corrugated cardboard in the paper collection container


The following COMMINGLED items can be recycled in ONE CONTAINER and DO NOT have to be separated from each other

Accepted Commingled: Juice Boxes, Aseptic Milk/Juice Cartons, Aluminum/Steel/Tin Cans, Glass Bottles (brown, green, clear, blue), Aluminum Foil, Pie Tins, Plastic Containers #1 through #7, Frozen Food Cartons, Rigid Plastics including toys and tubs

Please RINSE all food and beverage containers

NOT ACCEPTED: Porcelain Toilets and Sinks, Pyrex, Ceramics (Coffee mugs, etc.), Drinking glasses, Window Panes, Mirrors, Styrofoam

The Following MUST be Separated

Cardboard: (Please make sure that all pieces are clean, dry, and flattened.)Newspaper: Black and white newspaper, please bag These are kept separate from all other papers as they are given to local farmers for livestock bedding. (No glossy inserts or staples)